A few examples from pupils past and present:

Thank you for being the best drama teacher ever!


Always enjoy the performances! Thank you so much!


Thank you for being an amazing teacher.


Thanks so much – what a great director you are 🙂


I have enjoyed being taught by you.


Drama has never been better!


I have loved having you as my Drama teacher and enjoyed every minute of it! You have helped me so much!


Thank you so much for teaching me and for all the effort you’ve put into making our performances amazing!


Thank you for this fab opportunity! It was really fun!


Wednesdays and Thursdays will never be the same again. Thanks a lot!


You have helped me and I don’t think I could have got through it without your support.


I will truly miss your lessons. You have built my confidence and given me skills for later in life!


You’ve made this year good. You’re an utter legend.


The best Drama/Dance and English teacher ever!


So glad we did it! Worth all of it!


I’m so glad you encouraged me to be the Assistant Director. I don’t think I would have got offers from Uni without it!


You have been one of the best teachers that I have ever had. You have done so much for drama at our school and I am sure you have given so many kids the confidence they needed.


’Thanks for all your hard work. It’s been fun!


Thank you so much – it’s been great!


I really like your drama group.


Thank you for helping to make Bugsy amazing!

The cast of Bugsy

A few examples from the parents past and present:

Year 3,4,5 club and Trinity parent.

‘Our daughter Arabella has been enjoying drama classes at CCGS for the past 18 months.
Drama with Liberty Arts has been instrumental in developing Arabella’s self confidence.
Being shy in nature has made it difficult at times for Arabella to have the confidence to stand out and put her ideas forward. Watching her play a main role in the end of semester production and be so proud with it was heart-warming for all. She looks forward to drama each week and the inclusive positive environment that Libby and her team provide. Libby’s pride and commitment to her students is reflected in the results they achieve and the personal development they all demonstrate.

Year 1 and 2 now 3,4,5 club

Since joining Drama, Keeva has developed her confidence on stage, speaking, dancing and the like. The quality of the teaching is second to none and I hope for Keeva to continue with the programme. Libby, Bianka and Steph from Liberty Arts are excellent teachers as they connect with the students and bring out their creativity and confidence with much kindness.

Trinity parent
During the 18-month period our daughter has undertaken drama lessons with Liberty Arts we have noticed a significant difference in her confidence as well as her oral and written communication skills. Nurtured by professional, highly skilled and thoroughly trained teachers Isobel loves her lessons as, unknowingly to her, she is able to undertake a structured drama program that combines her imaginary world with her creative gifts. We would highly recommend lessons with Liberty Arts for all children and adolescents.

(Pupil name) is really enjoying her Thursday classes so thank you for making these classes so enjoyable.

You have been amazing and adored by all!

Thank you so much for all your work. You have such a gift for this work.

My son can’t wait for Wednesdays when Drama is on!

It’s so refreshing to see a teacher doing something that really challenges the kids.

Loved the show! Thank you for working hard on the project!’

Even though (pupil name) wasn’t well, he still wanted to go for his drama lesson!

A very strong performance from all the cast…the physical theatre was quite exhilarating.

My son and daughter both love this program. Ms. Libby has wonderful classes. They can’t wait for the term to start again!!’

A few examples from partner schools and stage schools we have created work for:

Thank you for organising ‘Play in a Day’ masterclass. I know that the pupils gained a great deal from your experience. We received very positive feedback from Harewood primary School which is due, in no small part, to your efforts. I appreciate your support.

Harewood Primary School

Looking forward to working with you again!

Stagecoach Theatre Academy

You really know how to engage our children. The children really enjoy your lessons

Dean Barwick primary

You’ve been a treasure.

Kendal Secondary School. Language teacher

The show was a triumph! I was gripped from beginning to end by the wonderfully atmospheric production, as was the whole audience!

Headmistress, Gateways Secondary School

The show will be great. I’m really looking forward to it. What a great achievement!

Teacher, Gateways School

What a brilliant contribution to the drama department. Not just with your positive attitude, your ability to stay calm under pressure, your sense of humour and more.

Kendal Secondary School. Head of Drama department